Saturday, October 27, 2007

Welcome to These Spindrift Pages

Welcome to my blog. I'm the series editor of The New Writer's Handbook (Scarletta Press, The purpose of that softcover anthology of recent articles (60+) on literary craft and career, and this new blog, is to help you write better . . . to share best advice & good thoughts from diverse successful writers.

To quote from my Afterword: "To be a good writer, you need to do lots of diverse things. Some you're naturally good at. For others, you need to stretch and listen and consider new ideas. There's no right or wrong way to write, no ten easy steps. There are no initiation rites to take you into the dark hut and reveal the magic chants and secret knowledge. Writing isn't logical, it's a part of life."

This blog will offer more ideas about good writing, in particular on the craft portion of the equation. We'll look at words and wordplay, poetry, and more.

For other thoughts on writing, visit my other blogs: The Writer's Handbook Blog, on developing a writer's career, and Creeping Past Dragons, on the field of fantasy literature.